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Would you like to assist ?

In response to the huge impact the COVID-19 Lockdown has had on our precinct, the Linden CPF has put together a project to coordinate need requests on behalf of the aid-organizations to make sure that everyone who is truly in need has somewhere to turn to.

We have identified various aid-organisations located inside and within proximity of our precinct that are able to assist.

All the organizations identified, take donations in the form of financial contributions as well as food and clothing drops. We would like to encourage residents in our precinct to support them wholeheartedly in any way they can.

Please avoid giving donations and handouts on street corners.

We have made two of our CPF channels available to assist in the process. These channels can be used to contact us should you know of anyone who needs assistance.  All contact details for the aid organizations are listed below and if you would like to volunteer or would like to contact them directly, please use any of their platforms listed.

These channels are manned by 5 of our CPF members and all information received will remain confidential.


WhatsApp +27 65 957 5996

Click here to download the guide

Organisation NPO No. Person Assistance
Let's work 201-696 Felicity Lawlor food, clothing, bedding, money
Doorway to Dignity 187-907 Trevor Webster money
Fountain for the Thirsty 217-811 Shalene Selkirk food, clothing, bedding, money
One Small Act of Kindness 2018/353719/08 Kelly Anne, Sam food, clothing, bedding, money
Kindness like Confetti 188-991 Claire food, money
Society of St Vincent de Paul 003-193 Caren Munzer, Larry o Sullivan money